Empowering Venture Capital with Cutting-Edge AI Technology

ABRT AI Lab brings together a unique blend of data, AI, and deep industry insights to streamline your venture capital operations.
18+ years of data-driven VC
30+ investments
3 Unicorns
120+ VC partners

Led by venture industry veterans

David Waroquier

David is a venture industry veteran with a strong track record in Mangrove Capital Partners, a prominent VC fund investing in notable tech companies like Skype, Wix, and OpenX. David actively contributes to the boards of successful companies like Shipsta, BusUp, and Flo Health, providing guidance and support to help entrepreneurs thrive and succeed.

Nick Mitushin
Silicon Valley

Nick is the Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer at ABRT VC, with a portfolio of over 30 investments. He has established partnerships and co-investment programs with top firms like Insight Venture Partners, Mangrove Capital Partners, Accel Partners, and Sequoia Capital. Through his leadership, the companies he has guided are collectively valued at over $20 billion.

AI Lab Team

Ulugbek Zayniev
Head of ABRT AI Lab
Daniil Borteychuk
Head of Capital Markets
Sergei Efimov
Head of Data Analytics
Vera Reut
Community Manager
Alex Kalenyuk
Head of Product Experience
Abdulla Al Gurg
Partner, Middle East
Travis Roche-Wallis
Product Partner, Team Score
Gayane Sakunts
Strategy Partner

Automate Your VC Process

Leverage our AI trained on a dataset of startups for automatic screening and due diligence.

Make Smarter Decisions

Use our intuitive dashboards and natural language interaction to make data-driven decisions faster.

Benchmark Your Progress

Compare and improve your investment strategies with data at your fingertips.

Enhance Your Investment Choices

Our cutting-edge AI technology helps you identify promising opportunities efficiently.

How it works

Step 1
Upload Your Data
Get started by uploading your data into our secure, cloud-based platform.
Step 2
AI Analysis
Our AI processes the data, identifying key trends and opportunities based on historical performance and industry benchmarks.
Step 3
Generate Insights
View comprehensive insights in easy-to-understand visual formats on our interactive dashboards. Interact with your data in using human language.
Step 4
Make Informed Decisions
Use these insights to make data-backed decisions that drive success.
Large Dataset
Large Dataset
Access a diverse dataset of thousands startups from around the globe.
Intuitive Interface
Intuitive Interface
Interact seamlessly with data using natural language and intuitive dashboards.
Rapid Screening and Due Diligence
Rapid Screening and Due Diligence
Swiftly screen potential investment opportunities with the power of AI.
Compare your progress and strategies against industry standards for informed decision-making.